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FFF: Breakfast Snail

on August 31, 2012

Hello Parents,  

Sometimes we just need ideas on how to make our kids food a little funner, and this post does just that. Creative Kid Snacks is an awesome blog that has tons of fun ideas for simple snacks, breakfast, and lunches that kids just can’t say no to. 

Here (as posted) is a great breakfast post that will make sure your kids get their fiber and fruits faster than a little snail can crawl.

What you’ll need
Instant oatmeal (the ground)
Small fruits in contrasting colors – think strawberries, raspberries, grapes (the shell)
Banana (the body)
Raisin (the eye)
1. Slice a banana in half lengthwise to make the snail’s body.  Place a ground of oatmeal beneath him.
Add a raisin eye and a sliced blueberry for a mouth.  Use a tiny bit of the other half of the banana for some antennae.
2. For the shell, use contrasting fruits like raspberries and grapes to form a swirly shell look as shown above.
We are sure the kids will love eating this beautiful snail. 
Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown

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