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WW and FFF: =) Activities and Food all in one post

on September 14, 2012

Hello Parents,

Our apologies for not posting the Weekend Wednesday activity on Wednesday, but today we’ll give you a fun activity for the kids, and a great snack to keep them happy and well fed this weekend.

The kids love story time at school, and we are sure they love it at home, so here are some fun bookmarks you can download and have them color [download bookmarks set 1 and set 2]. They’ll love seeing you mark the page with their art! Bookmarks provided by Squidoo, you can get more printable bookmarks here.

After story time you can give the kids a fun and healthy snack, Cucumber Snakes, and they’re so easy to make. The Cucumber Snake snack idea was posted by on Babble’s Family Kitchen, and it’s as fun to eat as it to make.  See the what you’ll need below as originally posted on Babble.

cucumber snake with carrots and ranch dressing

Cucumber “Snakes” 

What you’ll need:
1 cucumber – sliced
olives or capers – for the “eye”
roasted red bell pepper – for the “tongue”
ranch dressing – for dipping sauce

What to do:
1. Cut your cucumber slices in half. Arrange 8 pieces per “snake”. Place an olive/caper for the eye. Place slice of bell pepper for tongue. Continue until desired amount of “snakes” are made.

2. Serve with ranch dressing to dip.

Stay tuned to the blog this weekend, photos of the kids will be posted. Remember you also have access to the photo albums on Snapfish. If you have not received an invitation let us know in the comments section.

Fun Learning!
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