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WW: Pumpkin Crayon Drip Art

on October 17, 2012

Hello Parents,

Two weeks to go until our fun halloween celebration. Until then, what have you been doing at home to decorate for the spooky holiday? We were thinking that not all pumpkins need to be jack-o-lanterns or messy scooping and carving days either; and some can be quite colorful. Take for example this great crayon melt idea we discovered over at Swell Designer’s blog. Not only is it so colorful, but is so easy to do, and of course a great opportunity to teach the children about the melting properties of crayons (and why they should never leave them in the car!).

See below for the Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin tutorial as posted on Swell Designer. We are sure the kids will have lots of fun holding the blow drier and working on the final result.


– large white pumpkin (real or faux is ok)
– Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
– 16-20 crayons
– Hair dryer
– Surface cover or trash bags

whatyouneed-swelldesigner.blogspot.comBefore you begin: Remove all the labels from your crayons (I initially learned this the hard way, the crayon labels won’t conform to the pumpkin shape). Break them in half for this project; you won’t need the entire crayon to get a cool looking result.

Also set up your work area with surface covers or trash bags. It is best if you do this project outside, as not to get any wax remnants flying onto your carpeting, floor, or walls, it has a tendency to do this.
1. Glue your crayons in place with the Fast Grab Tacky Glue. Since the surface is contour, the crayons won’t stay in place without some glue.
2. Place your crayons around the pumpkin. You can either choose to do this all at the same time, then wait to heat or heat as you go.
3. Apply heat on high using a hair dryer (note: On high the wax from the crayons melts faster; however, it does splatter outwards and is messier this way). It takes 30-1 minute for each of the crayons to melt and drip.  There’s really no rhyme or reason and some of the crayons wanted to pool at the top.  Just go with the flow and have fun! It’s kinda an abstract craft after all.

This is a great project for those who don’t like carving or are wanting a unique pumpkin alternative. You can also pick only one color pattern, or two, really whatever you or the kids prefer. It would also be fun to try with neon or sparkle crayons.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown


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