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WW: Paper Bag Turkey

on November 7, 2012

Hello Parents,

It’s November already, and as you know, once the Halloween holiday comes, they end of the year holiday festivities come at us in the blink of an eye. So with the thought of warm Thanksgiving traditions coming up, we couldn’t help but think TURKEY!

We found this fun paper lunch bag turkey that was too cute to pass up. Although we couldn’t find a source for the craft, it seems pretty easy to make.

Small brown paper lunch bag
Construction paper in shades of fall (brown, orange, yellow, red) – for the tail feathers
Glue Stick
Buttons (if you have googly eyes from other crafts, that works too) – for the eyes
Red felt (or red construction paper) – for the caruncles

Outline the kids’ hands in each color of construction paper, and cut out the hands. Glue each hand in a fan shape behind the paper bag (as shown in the photo above), slip two between the bottom flap and the “walls” of the bag.

Glue the buttons as eyes. Make a triangle snood (beak) out of the yellow construction paper,  shape the caruncles like a “drop” using the red felt, and align it with the snood. Glue them under the button eyes (like in the photo above).

Kids love tracing their hands, they’ll have a great time making this craft, and you can get started with your Thanksgiving decorations!

If this activity doesn’t get you excited for the weekend, then here is a slide show of our Toddler I class learning all about the color yellow. It may be fall, but it’s still sunny in our classrooms!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun Learning!
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