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WW: Ice Star Experiment

on November 28, 2012

Hello Parents,

As November draws to a close we can’t help but wish for the cooler temperatures some northern states have been enjoying; true it may not always be enjoyable, but thinking of ice and skating rinks sure get us in the mood for a winter wonderland. Thinking about ice we discovered a very fun activity this week on the Toddler Approved blog you all know we love through a guest post by Science Sparks. The Ice Star Experiment is sure to amaze your kids with the wonder of cold ice and give you a great chance to teach a fun science lesson hands on. See the experiment below as posted on Toddler Approved by Emma from Science Sparks.

Ice Star Experiment


She used star molds for the ice and some cake sparkles, but you really you can use any ice mold you want; the cupcake sparkles just give it a more magical feel – choose any color you’d like. Once frozen, pop the ice out and put it in a container.

Be sure to the ice melt a little bit before letting the kids play so it isn’t too sticky for them. It will be fun for them to watch the he ice move around the container. Add the stars (ice) to some water to make them easier to play with.

We suggest doing this activity outside to make sure you don’t get water all over your floor.

Emma also posted other activities with ice that kids can do.
  • Find two pieces of ice the same size and place one on a plate outside and one inside to see which melts the fastest.
  • Try adding salt to see if that makes the ice melt faster.

You’ll want to take advantage of this experiment to teach the kids a little about science.

  • Why does water freeze? Water can be a solid, liquid or gas. In liquid form the water particles can move around freely, so the water takes the shape of the container it is in. When you cool the water down the movement of the particles slow down and the particles become tightly packed together, which means its shape cannot change easily.
  • Why is ice sticky? Ice feels sticky because when you touch it, the ice immediately freezes the moisture in your skin, which makes the cube feel sticky.

Go on to the Toddler Approved page for this post and see more ice activities you can do with the kids.

Fun Learning!
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