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Holiday Schedule

Hello Parents,

We hope everyone has enjoyed their long holiday weekend, and that you’ve had many very merry celebrations. Remember the school will be open during our regular hours this week from Wednesday, Dec. 26 through Friday, Dec. 28.

Fun Learning!

CBLC Midtown

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A Time of Silence

TCT_Email_Sig_logo2Because All Children Are Our Children: Helping Our Children and Local Community Cope With The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Dear Parents,

We are all heartbroken by last week’s terrible event in Newtown, CT. We respect the fact that not all families have allowed children to view or hear news about a tragedy, nor have they discussed the disturbing details; as such we will not be discussing it with our students. However, we understand that many parents will be faced with questions, concerns, and fears that need to be addressed. It is important that these issues be dealt with forthrightly, with sensitivity and appropriately. The following resources are provided to help guide those interactions.

Other resources available through

  • Understanding and Responding to the Violence in Children’s Lives by Diane E. Levin
  • Early Childhood Professionals – Partners with Parents Helping Young Children Exposed to Violence by Beverly Roberson Jackson
  • Shelter from the Storm – Using the Classroom to Help Children Cope with Violence by Betsy McAlister Groves and Sally Mazur
  • Power Rangers – An Exposive Topic by Diane E. Levin
  • Supporting Teachers to Create a Culture for Non-Violence by Margie Carter
  • Listening to Understand Violence – The Voices of Youth by Susan Hopkins and Susie Peppers
  • A Message about Violence Prevention from Youth to Early Childhood Teachers by Diane E. Levin and Nancy Carlsson-Page

Additionally, here is material that has been adapted from The Center for Grieving Children and The National Center for Grieving Children & Families

Parents and teachers can use these steps in helping to respond to emergency situations and grieving. This material has been adapted for crises that may or may not directly affect a child, and applies in general to events that are of national or international scope.

Prayers for strength go out to all the people and families affected by this tragedy, you are in our thoughts and our hearts.
CBLC Midtown

*At Cherry Blossom Learning Center we take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. Every person employed at CBLC is trained in emergency procedures and lock down situations.

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Birthday Fun: Alondra is 3 and Mathew is 1

Hello Parents,

Last week was full of festivities, in addition to our holiday party, we also had the pleasure of celebrating Alondra’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday, December 11; and Mathew’s 1st birthday on Friday, December 14. Please join us in wishing them a great year ahead.

Happy Birthday Alondra & Mathew!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the photo slideshow and check out more pictures of their big days at Snapfish.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown

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2012 Holiday Party Pics

Hello Parents,

Thank you all who helped make our first holiday party at our Midtown campus a great success last Friday. The children had a great time and we know you’ve been waiting for photos! Wait no longer, see below slideshow for a preview of the fun and head on over to our Snapfish Holiday album to see these and more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown

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Fun Stuff: Candy Cane Paint

Hello Parents,

We’re half way through December and a day away from our Holiday Celebration. We came across a fun bathtub activity to get you in the spirit of the holiday and thinking of sweet candy canes. Over at Bath Activities for Kids they posted a recipe for Candy Cane Paint, which we suggest you use in the bathtub to minimize the mess potential elsewhere.

See below for what you’ll need and how to do it (as posted on the site);  also be sure to visit the Bath Activities for Kids blog page for more ideas to do with the kids during bath time.

Candy Cane Christmas paint recipe

This festive swirly paint is made very much like a traditional bath paint only with the added element of scent!

To make candy cane paint you will need:

~  Shaving Cream
~  Red food coloring
~  Peppermint extract
~  A stir stick

Fill a bowl or similar container with shaving cream.  Add a few drops of peppermint extract and red food coloring and gently stir, making a swirled candy cane design.Guaranteed to be loads of fun in the bath or outdoors – wherever you choose to play.

After the kids are nice and clean, be sure to set aside their clothes for tomorrow’s holiday activity – No uniforms! They should come dressed in RED or GREEN. We’ll have a merry and jolly guest joining us, making a special appearance directly from the North Pole.

Fun Learning,
CBLC Midtown
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WW: Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Hello Parents,

It’s December and that means that if  you’re celebrating Christmas, you’ve either purchased a tree already or will do so very soon. Kids get really excited over selecting things such as their clothes;  Christmas trees and decorations are no different – so be adventurous and fun, let them help you decorate. You’d be surprised how creative kids can get.

However, if you do want to keep the kids busy for some time while you untangle the lights, we have a cute Christmas tree activity the kids can work on in the mean time. This craft comes from the blog A Little Learning for Two, where they have many other fun holiday ideas. See below for instructions as posted on the site for the perfect Paper Plate Christmas Tree.

Materials Needed:
* paper plates (2 sizes)
* scissors
* ruler
* cardboard tube
* paint
* bingo marker
* blu-tack (or you might prefer to use glue)
* sticky tape
* yellow paper
* cotton ball
Using a ruler to get your lines straight cut three segments from the paper plates, each a little smaller than the last. You can cut the biggest and smallest pieces from a large plate and the middle from a small plate, or you can also use the same plate for all three.
This is how the pieces go together to form a Christmas Tree shape.
Use green paint, or make some green paint by mixing yellow and blue together (this will give you the opportunity to talk to the kids about color changing).
Paint the segments of the tree.
Once the paint is dry decorate the tree with some ‘baubles’ by dabbing on ink from a bingo marker. A cotton bud and paint would do the job too – If you want to get creative, rummage through your crafts box and let the kids choose things/clippings they want to glue and use as decorations – it is their tree after all!

Add snow around the edges using a cotton ball and white paint and finish decorating all three segments.
Cut a yellow star from a colored paper and used blu-tack to assemble the tree. You could also use glue if you wanted, blu-tack is just faster.
Make a trunk for the Christmas tree by splaying one end of the cardboard tube and taping it to an upturned paper plate for stability.

The very cute paper plate Christmas tree.

Get creative and make a skirt for the tree – share your photos if you do, we’d love to see them and post them.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown

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Blossoming at Basel

Hello Parents,

We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, December 8 at 7 pm for our first annual Blossoming at Basel art event.


Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown

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