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WW: Paper Plate Christmas Tree

on December 5, 2012

Hello Parents,

It’s December and that means that if  you’re celebrating Christmas, you’ve either purchased a tree already or will do so very soon. Kids get really excited over selecting things such as their clothes;  Christmas trees and decorations are no different – so be adventurous and fun, let them help you decorate. You’d be surprised how creative kids can get.

However, if you do want to keep the kids busy for some time while you untangle the lights, we have a cute Christmas tree activity the kids can work on in the mean time. This craft comes from the blog A Little Learning for Two, where they have many other fun holiday ideas. See below for instructions as posted on the site for the perfect Paper Plate Christmas Tree.

Materials Needed:
* paper plates (2 sizes)
* scissors
* ruler
* cardboard tube
* paint
* bingo marker
* blu-tack (or you might prefer to use glue)
* sticky tape
* yellow paper
* cotton ball
Using a ruler to get your lines straight cut three segments from the paper plates, each a little smaller than the last. You can cut the biggest and smallest pieces from a large plate and the middle from a small plate, or you can also use the same plate for all three.
This is how the pieces go together to form a Christmas Tree shape.
Use green paint, or make some green paint by mixing yellow and blue together (this will give you the opportunity to talk to the kids about color changing).
Paint the segments of the tree.
Once the paint is dry decorate the tree with some ‘baubles’ by dabbing on ink from a bingo marker. A cotton bud and paint would do the job too – If you want to get creative, rummage through your crafts box and let the kids choose things/clippings they want to glue and use as decorations – it is their tree after all!

Add snow around the edges using a cotton ball and white paint and finish decorating all three segments.
Cut a yellow star from a colored paper and used blu-tack to assemble the tree. You could also use glue if you wanted, blu-tack is just faster.
Make a trunk for the Christmas tree by splaying one end of the cardboard tube and taping it to an upturned paper plate for stability.

The very cute paper plate Christmas tree.

Get creative and make a skirt for the tree – share your photos if you do, we’d love to see them and post them.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown


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