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Fun Stuff: Candy Cane Paint

on December 13, 2012

Hello Parents,

We’re half way through December and a day away from our Holiday Celebration. We came across a fun bathtub activity to get you in the spirit of the holiday and thinking of sweet candy canes. Over at Bath Activities for Kids they posted a recipe for Candy Cane Paint, which we suggest you use in the bathtub to minimize the mess potential elsewhere.

See below for what you’ll need and how to do it (as posted on the site);  also be sure to visit the Bath Activities for Kids blog page for more ideas to do with the kids during bath time.

Candy Cane Christmas paint recipe

This festive swirly paint is made very much like a traditional bath paint only with the added element of scent!

To make candy cane paint you will need:

~  Shaving Cream
~  Red food coloring
~  Peppermint extract
~  A stir stick

Fill a bowl or similar container with shaving cream.  Add a few drops of peppermint extract and red food coloring and gently stir, making a swirled candy cane design.Guaranteed to be loads of fun in the bath or outdoors – wherever you choose to play.

After the kids are nice and clean, be sure to set aside their clothes for tomorrow’s holiday activity – No uniforms! They should come dressed in RED or GREEN. We’ll have a merry and jolly guest joining us, making a special appearance directly from the North Pole.

Fun Learning,
CBLC Midtown

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