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on January 1, 2013

Hello Parents,

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! We hope everyone had a safe and fun new year, the best wishes for you and your family in 2013.

Did the fireworks last night leave you and the kids wanting more? Here is a cool craft that puts fireworks on paper, making them safe for indoor and just as much fun as the explosive lights from the holiday. Today’s activity comes to you from the blog I can teach my child! Be sure to check it out here for more ideas on things to do with the kids. She categorizes the entries by age group, so you’ll be able to find age-appropriate activities for all the kids in your life.

Read on to see how to make Salt-Absorbing Fireworks, as posted on the blog I can teach my child!

Materials you’ll need:  

  • black construction paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • salt
  • food coloring
  • a medicine dropper (or similar dropper)
  • water
Using the glue, make a firework-looking design. Try to make each individual firework without stopping the glue flow.
Next, douse with salt, so the salt covers all the glue fireworks.
Tap away the excess salt.
Now, mix water with food coloring in individual bowls. Once you think it’s dark enough, add another drop or two, the salt will lighten the color once they touch.
Finally, with the dropper, put the colored water unto the salt fireworks. Watch as the salt absorbs the colored water, spreading it through the firework.
You can find more fun activities on the I can teach my child! blog, like Fireworks in a Jar and more!
We added some Toddler 1 photos from a parent to the Snapfish Christmas album, head on over to check it out.
Fun Learning!
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