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National Bubble Bath Day

on January 8, 2013

Hello Parents,

Hope everyone’s week is moving along just fine. We are here to pop a little unexpected fun into your Tuesday afternoon. You see, today – January 8 – is National Bubble Bath Day! Yup,  you read correct, there is an actual holiday for bubble baths, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that whomever came up with it was a genius. Best part of bubble baths? They’re not just for kids, so go ahead and give yourself permission to relax in the tub tonight after the kids are in bed; but do also make sure they get to make some pretty large bubbles when it’s their turn too.

Now, we couldn’t actually find the origin of this holiday, though many sites out there are praising the day and full of ideas for bath time bubble fun. If you do get more information on the history of this fun yet relaxing holiday, do send us a note or add it to our comments section.

bubble bath

For now we leave you with a link that will take you to Cool Mom Tech where you can download the day-appropriate hit B.A.TH. from We Are The Not-Its! band. Click here. Enjoy!

Fun Learning!
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