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Celebrate Milk Day With Frozen Milk Hearts

on January 11, 2013

Hello Parents,

Did you know today is Milk Day? The delicious drink most of us grew up with and makes the perfect companion to a late night chewy chocolate chip cookie celebrates its 134th birthday since the first reported bottled home delivery on January 11, 1878. Prior to today, 134 years ago, milk was delivered in large metal cans where the “milkman” would pour out a portion for each household. Packaging of milk has clearly evolved, though some parents (especially those not from the US) may recall having milk delivered to their home when they were the age of our kids at school.

I’d say any day is a good day for milk and cookies, but why not add a layer to that and sit down with your kids tonight to share this little bit of information. And of course, it need not be only cow’s milk, why not celebrate with your favorite kind of milk – coconut, almond, rice, soy, take your pick and enjoy!

In honor of today, Milk Day, we are sharing this darling Milk Hearts idea from A Subtle Revelry.

To make the milk cubes, combine milk and a few drops of red food coloring together in a small bowl. Fill an ice cube tray (available at IKEA or Amazon) and freeze. This is also a great idea for Valentine’s Day (hint, hint!), and of course, hearts don’t have to be red; feel free to color the milk with your kids’ favorite color to give them a more personal touch.

Fun Learning!
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