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In Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

on January 18, 2013

Hello Parents,

This Monday, January 21st, we celebrate a national holiday that often brings to mind thoughts of hope – we honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In observance, some of you may have the day off from work; for those of you who still have to report for duty, rest assured that Cherry Blossom will be open to care for the children as we do every day. However, not spending the day with the kids on Monday does not mean you pass up an opportunity to talk to them about MLK Jr. Thanks to website Brain Pop Jr., along with parent Site Brain Pop,which have created videos for children retelling the life of MLK Jr.

We suggest checking out the Brain Pop Jr. site to watch with the kids you have enrolled at CBLC. The site is geared toward younger children, and although the video was made for early- elementary children it is suitable for pre-school as well. Do note that the assassination is covered in both videos, and while appropriate for children, we do recommend you watch them first to determine whether your child is ready or if you’ll be skipping that lesson for now.

To access the Martin Luther King Jr. lessons and video on Brain Pop Jr., click here.
To access the Martin Luther King Jr. lessons and video on Brain Pop, click here.

In essence, the message of the remembrance is knowing that it only takes one person to make a difference, and we should all be so empowered to follow our dreams, and treat others with the respect we want to be treated with.


If you want to know more about the Brain Pop sites head on over to check them out. They are primarily subscription-based sites, however the movie of the week and select videos are free to view.

Fun Learning!
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