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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

on March 17, 2013

Hello Parents,

“top of the morning to ya!”

Taking a moment today to wish all of you a very happy St. Patrick’s day, and may the luck of the Irish find you in great spirits. Need a couple of last-minute ideas to celebrate the holiday with the kids? Check out this post on tasty treats using Lucky Charms from Cool Mom Picks. Did someone say Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwich? Sounds like the perfect treat for a day like today. Yum!


Interestingly the luck of the Irish is often referenced in a very positive tone, yet the Irish people have endured some pretty bad luck. So, does “luck of the Irish” mean you’re wishing someone bad luck? Not exactly. Some believe the phrase originated the USA; while it’s hard to traced there are a couple of scenarios that give it a little more meaning.

  • Irish legend tells that finding or catching a leprechaun – who would then give you gold – was a lucky event, which could only happen in Ireland.
  • During the exploration for gold in the west, there were a large number of Irishmen who got lucky and found their “pot o’ gold” in the gold fields of California, or were also equally prosperous in silver mining.

There you have it folks, a little Irish lesson to get us through the day. So, when you’re wishing the Luck of the Irish on someone, we now know that you are wishing them success in all they do – and hoping they catch a leprechaun or two!


We’ve been getting a lot of great photos this month, and some really fun ones from Friday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Check back often to see when the photos get up loaded, and remember we always put more photos on Snapfish, organized by classroom to make it easier to go straight to your kids’ pictures.

Fun Learning!
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