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Surprise Eggs & Marshmallow Drops

on March 22, 2013

Hello Parents,

Thinking of bunnies and pastel colors already? How could you not, Easter is all around us! With the sweet holiday fast approaching you may be wondering what you can do with the kids to get them all excited – The Chirping Moms gave us a different take on decorating eggs, on the 5 Easter Activities to do With Kids post.

Blogger mom, Courtney, writes about Surprise Eggs: “This is a fun twist on dying eggs. After you boil the eggs, write on them or draw pictures with crayons. Then, when the kids dye them, the designs pop up like magic!”

Surprise Eggs

Surprise Eggs

If you’re looking to celebrate Easter with something other than an egg hung, check out the marshmallow drop happening at 9:30 a.m. next Saturday, March 30, 2013 in Miami Shores Village at the Recreational Fields. You can also begin celebrating Easter already, Munchkin Fun has shared many of the Easter activities around the city; there are plenty to choose from this weekend and next.

Fun Learning!
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