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Let’s Save Money

on April 23, 2013

Hello Parents,

It’s been a holidayish kind of  year. Going through the calendar it is fun to see how there is a day to celebrate just about everything, and every day in the calendar is assigned to a holiday special to someone. Today for example is Teach Your Children to Save Day. Many of these daily holidays celebrate something that you really should be doing ever day, but for those of us who slack off or forget they serve as great reminders. These holidays also help us be a little silly, and come up with ideas to teach our children something new, have fun with them, and be a little more festive. At CBLC we try to find activities that the kids will learn from and also have fun with.

Just 1% of Kids Save Any Allowance Money. Studies have shown that most parents are poor financial role models for their children. Check out this article on on How to Teach Kids About Money: spend, Save, and Share.

If you have kids getting ready for elementary school, there is a great book called The Penny Pot by Stuart Murphy. The blog, Carrots Are Orange has some basic activities you can do with your kid based on this book.


For a creative and homemade activity that will help your children learn about money, there is a fun game you can make, using just paint chips and popsicle sticks. Found on Katherine Maries blog, have fun with this {Recycled} Coin Book Game.


Lastly, we want to be sure to remind you that tomorrow, April 24th is Administrative Professionals Day – very important people in our lives if you have someone who helps you in your every day business life. So if you are grateful to an administrative professional who helps keep you on track and well-managed, be sure to send flowers, buy them lunch, and you’d be surprised how far a simple cup of coffee to show appreciation can go.

Fun Learning!
CBLC Midtown


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